Doing Tuckpointing Chicago, IL During The Winter

Brick is a classic material that offers traditional style to any structure, however, the material does require proper care and maintenance to last. Conditions will eventually deteriorate the bricks themselves and the mortar holding them together. As the materials wear, it is a good idea to give it attention early before the problems escalate. By contacting a professional tuckpointing contractor Chicago property owners trust such as Voytec Tuckpointing Contractors, you can save your brick for generations. What about when the weather turns frigid and tough to work in? Consider the following when thinking about tuckpointing during the winter:

Can Tuckpointing Be Performed In The Winter?

The answer is tricky and can go either way. Ideally, the best time to work on exterior surfaces such as brick would be in the spring or fall with more moderate temperatures between 40 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition to temperature, the work is best done without heavy rainfall or snow a day before or soon after tuckpointing work.

What If You Are In Need For Tuckpointing During Winter?

If you find some obvious damage to your mortar, call a professional tuckpointing contractors Chicago even if the weather is cold. During these times, the pros will use additives to quicken drying times and provide chemical heat during the mortar’s curing process. In addition, covers such as tarps help to trap this heat and protect the mortar. This is easily done with smaller projects.

Keep An Eye On Your House

While tuckpointing is possible in the winter, it is best to be proactive and keep an eye on any problems with your home’s exterior throughout the year. If you notice signs of cracking, crumbling or even missing chunks of mortar, call Voytec Tuckpointing Contractors Chicago as soon as you can!

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