Masonry Chicago, IL – How Often Should Your Building Have Masonry Maintenance?

Brickworks is stylistically versatile and can add a contemporary or historical feel to any building. While the materials are energy-efficient and sturdy, they still require a bit of maintenance to ensure your structural integrity. If you are a homeowner or business owner and your building has a masonry exterior, you must know how often you need maintenance performed. That’s where our professional masonry contractors come in. Read the following tips from Voytec Tuckpointing Contractor in Chicago to help preserve your masonry.


Cleaning Brick

Even though many building owners like the rustic look that climbing plants and moss give, cleaning them is essential. Removing dirt and keeping your bricks clean will avoid health issues that cause the accumulation of dirt and other particles. Use a garden hose with a strong spray nozzle to remove dirt and check places with limited sunlight. Remove the first sign of mold and mildew growth using one cup of bleach with a gallon of water.


Spot Check Brick for Water Damage

The key to preventing major masonry issues is spotting them early. Check your brick for water damage caused by splash back or rising damp. The moisture will cause bricks and mortar to break down. Spotting and repairing your brick for water damage will prevent more extensive repairs in the future. Our masonry contractors can help you with masonry restoration, brick repair, and brick staining in Chicago.


Tuckpointing Brick

Once in a while, your bricks will need tuckpointing to fill the mortar joints that have become weak. Voytec Tuckpointing Contractor in Chicago has professional tuckpointing contractors to help you ensure the structural integrity of your brickwork. Whether you need masonry restoration, masonry repair, brick repair, window caulking, or brick staining, you can count on us! Give us a call today!

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