Take care of your brickwork chimney before winter

Why do you need pre-winter chimney maintenance?

Good quality masonry, such as chimney brickwork, can last well over several decades. Unfortunately, you can easily forfeit this amazing durability by forgoing regular maintenance and immediate repairs. Winter is particularly taxing period for any brickwork construction, so now is a good moment to take care of your chimney and have it ready for extreme weather conditions. Moreover, timely and accurate reaction of masonry contractors will save you a few bucks, which you would otherwise have to spend on tackling serious problems in the future.


Taking care of your chimney in five easy steps

Typical pre-winter chimney maintenance should consist of several important, yet not overly complicated steps.

  1. For starters, make a thorough inspection of your chimney, taking close look on crown as well as bricks themselves. Missing mortar chunks and / or spidery cracks are a final call for small repairs and telltale sign of problems in the future if not addressed properly.
  2. When you’ve assessed the extent of required job, take care of chimney crown. Secure surrounding shingles with canvas tarp and wrap duct tape around crown and each flue (about ¼ inch from the edge).
  3. That done you don disposable gloves and apply coat of chimney sealer by hand onto a crown, remembering of working it thoroughly into the cracks. Wait until first layer of sealer is nice and dry and then apply second one, this time with a brush.
  4. Seal chimney bricks using water repellent. Start spraying the solution from the bottom of your chimney and systematically work your way up to its top. Wait until dry and repeat the whole process again to reinforce protection with second layer of sealant.

Now your chimney is almost ready to survive securely oncoming winter. Why almost? Consider addition of chimney cap as finishing touch. This metal and wire construction prolongs service life of your chimney, keeping water and various critters away from flues.

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