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How to Properly Clean a Brickwork Chimney & Fireplace

Fireplaces are incredibly attractive and practical additions to basically any home, but they also require regular maintenance for safety reasons. In fact, creosote buildup in chimneys and fireplaces can become extremely dangerous and turns into quite a fire hazard. So, to begin cleaning a chimney, you’re going to need to spread out a plastic tarp to protect the floor near your fireplace. You have to isolate your fireplace from the rest of the house, so use plastic sheeting and heavy duty tape to seal it off entirely. If you’re not careful, your cleaning will create an incredible mess.

Always Put Safety First While Cleaning Your Chimney

If you haven’t already got any protective wear on hand, make sure you go out and get some – you do not want to skip this vital step. You’re going to need goggles with a firm seal around your eyes and a high-quality dust mask. In addition, make sure to grab a few different chimney brushes and a reliable ladder. Next, check the top of your chimney for any hardware which may be obstructed it. You probably have a chimney cap or animal guard, so make sure it’s removed. Then you’ll begin brushing from the top down and replace the hardware behind you.

Once you’ve cleaned out the flue thoroughly, allow the dust to settle into the firebox. After this, open up the seal you created earlier and reach through the opening to scrub up into the chimney from below. After you’ve done this, cover up the fireplace again and let this new dust settle too. After an appropriate amount of time, peel off the plastic sheeting slowly. It’s important to remember not to let anyone open a door during this process either as a sudden draft will blow dust everywhere. Clean up the dust in the fireplace with a shop vacuum and you’re all set!

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