Take care of your brickwork chimney before winter

Why do you need pre-winter chimney maintenance? Good quality masonry, such as chimney brickwork, can last well over several decades. Unfortunately, you can easily forfeit this amazing durability by forgoing regular maintenance and immediate repairs. Winter is particularly taxing period for any brickwork construction, so now is a good moment to take care of your

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How to Properly Clean a Brickwork Chimney & Fireplace

Fireplaces are incredibly attractive and practical additions to basically any home, but they also require regular maintenance for safety reasons. In fact, creosote buildup in chimneys and fireplaces can become extremely dangerous and turns into quite a fire hazard. So, to begin cleaning a chimney, you’re going to need to spread out a plastic tarp

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Masonry cracks repair cost

Masonry cracks repair cost Masonry: Legendary Longevity Masonry, be it stone, brick, concrete or cast stone, is historically durable and long lasting. Masonry buildings and walls create the architectural character of many cities all over the world, since they often last for many generations. Bricks, stones or blocks can last eons, as proven by ancient

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How to build a brick masonry wall?

Building a brick masonry wall When you are considering building a brick masonry wall there are many considerations. The first is to make sure your local zoning and neighborhood regulations allow it. You need to know if any permits or inspections are necessary. An unstable brick wall is dangerous, so you need to be sure

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How to repair masonry cracks?

Deterioration of your mortar is inevitable As the time flies by, the cracks in your mortar become more prominent. It’s totally normal, but also quite dangerous. This problem cannot be neglected and some steps againt this process need to be taken. Hiring a contractor isn’t always possible, as it costs a lot of money. If

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All You Need to Know About Tuckpointing in Chicago

What is Tuckpointing? To answer this question simply, tuckpointing is a specialized repair process which stops damage in mortar and brick constructions. Brickwork in Chicago can often become damaged as the result of harsh weather, especially excessive moisture. A tuckpointing contractor in Chicago will be able to take care of this damage and prevent the