Masonry contractors

Masonry contractors who helped me with the whole process. I’m spending a lot of time at my work so they took care that I didn’t have to worry about this huge renovation.

Steel lintel

It was really hard to find company which specializes in repairing a steel lintel. Thanks to Voytec contractors now this looks much better!

Historical building renovation

As the owner of an old tenement house, I’m aware that I need to take special care of this monument. Voytec has dealt with even complex ornaments to keep them the same as they were in past.

Huge waterproofing

I didn’t think that waterproofing is such a complicated and also important process in a huge buildings. Thanks to Voytec company I didn’t have to worry about anything.

Masonry repair

My masonry was looking a bit age and this company help me choose the best idea for refurbishing this! Thanks for your patience!

My new chimney

My chimney was in a terrible condition. The quick reaction of this company allowed for a unique and cheap renovation!