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Tuckpointing in Elk Grove Village, IL
VOYTEC Masonry Contractors near me Elk Grove Village

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Professional Tuckpointing near Elk Grove Village. Brickwork & Masonry Restoration Services

For more than 10 years Voytec has been the premier choice for masonry and brickwork services throughout Elk Grove Village and the surrounding area cities and towns. Whether you’re looking for brick repair, window caulking or tuckpointing near Elk Grove Village, we are the company to call for all your masonry needs. Our masonry contractors have the experience to assist you in understanding the factors unique to your project and achieve all your goals. Voytec Masonry Contractors near me in Elk Grove Village is a fully licensed and bonded masonry contractor in the construction industry, which gives you a peace of mind knowing you’re in good hands. We have earned the trust of hundreds of Elk Grove Village homeowners, who appreciate the wide breadth of capabilities we have to offer. Contact us for an estimate on your project and see why we’re considered to be the leading masonry contractor near me in Elk Grove Village, IL.

Services Provided by Voytec Masonry in Elk Grove Village

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As trusted professional masonry contractors near me in Elk Grove Village, we provide advanced services that include tuckpointing and restoring masonry installations without intensive work.

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Masonry Restoration

If you’re experiencing foundation or wall damage due to water penetration or corrosion contact us for an expert repair from the leading masonry contractors near me in Elk Grove Village.



Our team has the professional equipment and experience to handle all kinds of brickwork projects, whether it’s new builds, repairs or renovations – we do it all.

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Chimney Repair

Bricks can absorb moisture causing cracks and spalls in your brick chimney. Our masonry contractors will gladly repair and restore your chimney to its optimum look and function.


Window Caulking

Call us to have professionals perform window caulking, which will provide the right seal on all of your windows and improve the energy efficiency of your home.

Why Choose Us For Tuckpointing & Brickwork

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Professional and Competent Workforce

Our contractors are ready to assist you with any type of masonry project. We guarantee expert craftsmanship on every project regardless of size or complexity.

Best-in-class Masonry Products

Today’s marketplace offers a wide variety of brick sizes, shades and textures. You can be sure that we use only the highest quality materials for all jobs and projects.

On Schedule and On Budget

We are committed to providing 100% customer satisfaction and we have the experience to get your masonry job done on time and at reasonable prices!

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What Is The Best Weather To Start Tuckpointing near Elk Grove Village, IL?

Before getting in touch with tuckpointing contractors like Voytec Masonry Contractors near me in Elk Grove Village consider the chances of precipitation and temperature, in ideal circumstances, the temperature should be around 5 – 32° C or 40 to 90 Fahrenheit degrees, when performing tuckpointing Elk Grove Village. Also, it should keep steady in this range during the day prior to work, and up to three days after. Any tuckpointing contractor will prefer from spring to early autumn. It is not normal for tuckpointing near me in Elk Grove Village to be performed during January and February. As regards temperature it is good to keep informed regarding forecast highs and overnight lows, also keeping in mind the requirements for tuckpointing, and the exterior temperature nearby as well. Rains can interrupt with tuckpointing also, so ensure to review forecasts constantly for the tuckpointing contractor Elk Grove Village.

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