Does brick masonry require any maintenance?

Even though the bricks are widely considered as one of the most durable masonry material, we should obviously remember about their proper maintenance. If we won’t ignore it, they will surely serve you for years and stay a great-looking part of design. The basic rule is to examine your bricks as often as it enables to quickly notice any appearing problems. If you fix them as they arise, the risk of serious structural damage is minimized.

4 tips to great brick masonry maintenance

  1. Remember about checking your bricks for any water damage or other signs of wear. Unfortunately, a mold is the thing that can really destroy them. It usually occurs in the places that have a little access to the sunlight and stay close to the wet vegetation. If you’ll notice any trace of mold appearance, you have to quickly take things in hand. To get rid of it, you can use a simple mixture of a bleach and water. Scrub the mold areas only with a bristle brush – the steel ones can cause a brick discoloration.
  2. A regular bricks cleaning is necessary, however it’s important to use only proper cleaning methods. Unfortunately, many agents are too harsh for them and can destroy their natural look. Spot testing can turn out to be a great solution that can ensure you that your wall can handle this concrete cleaning method.
  3. The water that frequently rises and soaks your bricks is a big threat that can cause its cracking. When a tide line presenting a buildup of salts is getting visible, your quick reaction is needed. Clean it with a soft-bristled brush and a tri-sodium phosphate.
  4. Tuckpointing is a great solution when your bricks start to crack. A fresh mortar installation can prevent them from further structural problems.